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This year WOW Glacier Love will have a unique feature-setup in Kitzsteinhorn’s Glacier Park with a new Cash4Tricks competition on Saturday. This is an open and free-flowing format allowing riders to get super creative as they session the features and pull deep from their repertoire of tricks for a chance to take home the cash. Best tricks win!

Registration is from 9am on the 4th of November 2017 at the top of the Glacier Park. Be in it to win it!

  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-2978
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-5268
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3092
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3002
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-5428
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3111
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-5350
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3200
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-5296
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3209
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-5207
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3160
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3195
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-2971
  • WOW_Glacier_Love_2016_by_JohannesPoellmann-3079